About Us

Ever since I was a young boy, I loved the fall in western PA – I knew buck season wasn't far off. Through the years the love of the sport provided me with endless memories with family and friends, but none more special than teaching my three boys to hunt. The times we spent walking and talking, as we discussed our day’s strategy or the one that got away, are some of my most cherished. 

After watching our youngest boy struggle to hold his rifle during a day of hunting, we went to work on our first prototype in our home in 2009. The idea of the Ready Aim Rifle Carrier™ was immediately well received by friends and family of all age and skill level. With its final design features and professional construction, we are proud to bring our revolutionary product to millions of hunters. 

From these simple beginnings, All Day Gear™ became a reality with the love and support of my family and friends. 

My wish for you -- "get your game™." 

Scot A. Gump