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The Ready Aim Rifle Carrier™ by "All Day Gear™" is a must for hunting enthusiasts who want to reduce body fatigue caused by the strain of carrying a rifle.  This innovative rifle carrier provides relief both while walking and waiting. Originally designed for use with a rifle, the Ready Aim Carrier was found to be just as effective in providing relief for bow hunters. The rifle carrier also eliminates the need for resting the rifle in a clumsy manner while waiting to take aim.  The silent, quick aim and reduced movement offered by the Ready Aim Rifle Carrier™ will improve the opportunities of hunters of various game.  The carrier can be ergonomically adjusted for a waist, left or right side, chest position, and is designed to provide relief to anyone from youth to expert.  Try the Ready Aim Riffle Carrier™ ... and Get your Game™.

We are excited to offer this revolutionary product for only $59.95!

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